There is a way of life, the way of peace & power...
Take Your Power Back!
Through the years of life we gave away all of our power. How about taking it all back and living the life you were born to live?
There is a way of life, the way of peace & power...
Are You Happy?
Are you truly happy? Do you have a sense of well-being, that nothing can hurt? There is a way to live a life, when you know, that whatever happens - you are going to be just fine...the only reasonable way to live.
There is a way of life, the way of peace & power...
Have You Suffered Enough?
How much suffering in life is enough to understand, that there is supposed to be another way? And there is. We were not born to be in constant frustration and pain. But I understand what it feels like to live this way.
You are the creator of your life and everything, that is created becomes your responsibility. There is no point in avoiding anything. Avoidance becomes your prison. Understanding, that the true freedom is not "freedom from everything", but "freedom as everything" makes your life a celebration in every moment. This doesn't mean though, that you stop making decisions. You start to make them from a very powerful place. A place of unlimited possibilities.
The Most Important Thing We Forgot...
There is one thing we forget about ourselves. Let's try to remember it and take our power back.
Responsibility is the first step in taking your Power back!
Peace, Joy & Happiness.
The Nature of Peace, Joy and Happiness. Something all of us are looking for, but are we looking in the right places?
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